Baked Beans V2 Audit

  • Basics: 90
  • Owner: 100
  • Team: 90
  • Rate: 93.33%
Baked Beans V2

Audit Date: 20/01/23

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  • Name: Baked Beans V2
  • Type: MINER
  • Chain: BSC
  • APR: 3-6% daily
  • Fees Deposit: 1% Deposit (0.1% Dev, 0.19% Marketing, 0.66% CEO, 0.05% TLV)
  • Fees Withdraw: 5% Withdraw (0.5% Dev, 0.95% Marketing, 3.3% CEO, 0.25% TLV, Add. Tax Giveaways)
  • Options: Invest / Reinvest / Withdraw
  • Min-Max Investment: 0.01-200
  • Referral: 5% if deposit > 0.5 BNB

◻️ Ownership renounced.

◻️ Additional Tax depending on days passed since last withdraw.


◻️ UpgradeTo on base contract:
Can be used to change implementation of base contract (ERC1967Proxy) following the openzeppelin standards using Transparent upgradeable and UUPSUpgradeable patterns in order to be able to upgrade compatible implementations for the base contract (ERC1967Proxy) and include security mechanisms.

Transparent upgradeable proxy pattern implies two things:
1- Any account that calls the proxy contract will be forwarded to the implementation.
2- If the admin calls the proxy he only can access the admin functions and his calls will never be forwarded to the implementation. If he tries then the call will fail.

UUPS pattern includes a security mechanism that properly used ensures upgradeability can not be turned off accidentally.

◻️ If you want to learn more or check source about proxy contracts and upgrade patterns:

◻️ No owner functions on the implementation contract, anyway owner would not be able to use it.

◻️ Also no backdoors/(high risks) founds.


◻️ Same team from previous baked beans, so they have a very successful previous project backing them.


◻️ Contract is simple and solid, just in case someone could argue about proxies dangerousness, the contract is also renounced.

◻️ On this new version the removed some complicated formulas and now they ensure min. 3% daily, anyway remember it is a pyramid model, if the TLV reaches 0 payments will stop.

◻️ The unique drawback I found is that CEO tax is too big compared to marketing and others.

Disclaimer: This is not investment advice, only invest what you can afford to lose and always DYOR.