Doke Audit

  • Basics: 65
  • Holdings: 100
  • Owner: 100
  • Team: 100
  • Rate: 85%

Audit Date: 19/01/23

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  • Name: Doke Inu
  • Symbol: DOKE
  • Chain: ETH
  • Supply: (1B)
  • Decimals: 9

◻️ Contract renounced.

◻️ Liquidity added on Uniswap V2, around 11.3% of the supply.

◻️ Liquidity locked on Unicrypt liquidity lockers until 15 of May of 2137 (114 years).

ABOUT HOLDERS (Token Distribution)

◻️ The top 10 have around a 2% of the token supply unlocked, any of them could drop the price 15% if selling.

◻️ The rest of holders until top 30 they hold approximately around 1% of token supply each one so any of them could drop the price 8% if selling.

◻️ Around 40-50% of the supply is concentrated on the top 30 holders and unlocked.


◻️ Owner can open close trade anytime he wants.

◻️ Owner can add any address anytime as bot so they can not trade send/receive tokens, also they can remove the address from there anytime.

◻️ Owner can set 2 different taxes for buy and sell and any value, values should be limited under 100% if we sum both values, but there is no limit, so, owner could even set values that could lead the contract to crash blocking trade.

◻️ Owner can set any value as max transaction, setting 0 would block the trade, current value 2% of the supply.

◻️ Owner can set any value as max wallet, setting 0 would block the trade, current value 2% of the supply.

◻️ Owner can exclude any address from fees.

◻️ Owner can enable/disable swapback anytime and the max. swap amount.

◻️ Owner can set a minimum swapback amount anytime and any value so a wrong value could block the swapbacks, current value 0,001 % of the supply.


◻️ Does not matter because contract is renounced.


◻️ Token has low liquidity ~11%.

◻️ There is some dangerous functions that gives a lot of control to the owner but taking into account the contract is renounced and the current contract config is suitable there is no risks by contract side.

◻️ Pay attention to holders, liquidity unlock (15/05/2137) and how the team carries the project.

Disclaimer: This is not investment advice, only invest what you can afford to lose and always DYOR.