Muu Inu Audit

  • Basics: 90
  • Holdings: 95
  • Owner: 95
  • Team: 95
  • Rate: 93.75%
Muu Inu

Audit Date: 30/08/22

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  • Name: Muu Inu
  • Symbol: MUU
  • Chain: BSC
  • Supply: (1000B)
  • Decimals: 9
  • Taxes: 6% (4 marketing, 1 LP, 1 Team Fee)

◻️ 16% of tokens added to liquidity on Pancakeswap, liquidity locked on PinkLockV2 until 26/02/2023.

ABOUT HOLDERS (Token Distribution)

◻️ 27% tokens locked on staking pools, 25% of supply is split between the first 30 holders.

◻️ Without taking into account two big whales with aprox 3% of the supply the rest until the top 30 has aprox. 1% of supply or less. Some of the supply is burned (1%), for CEXs (1.5%) or bridge (1%).


◻️ setMaxWalletPercent_base1000
Can be used to set the max wallet size base 1000, can not be set less than 10 (1%).

◻️ setMaxTxPercent_base1000
Same as previous but for transactions, can not be set less than 10 (1%).

◻️ setIsTimelockExempt
Can be used to exempt addresses from the buy cooldown.

◻️ manageAuthorizations
Can be used to set addresses that are exempt from max wallet and can trade even with the trade closed.

◻️ clearStuckToken
Can be used by owner to receive tokens that are stuck in the contract, also can be used to extract MUU token.

◻️ setMultipliers
Can be used to define buy/sell and transfer taxes multipliers. Buy/sell tax can not be bigger than 21%.

◻️ OpenTrading
Can be used to open the trade, once opened can not be closed.

◻️ cooldownEnabled
Can be used to enable/disable cooldown and set cooldown time, can not be bigger than 20 seconds.

◻️ ClearStuckBalance
This function can be used for more addresses than owner, can be used for any address exempt from fees and can extract bnb stuck in the contract.

◻️ SetIsFeeExempt
Can be used to set addresses that are exempt from fees.

◻️ SetIsTxLimitExempt
Can be used to set addresses that are exempt from transaction limit..

◻️ setFees
Can be used to set liq, dev, marketing, buyback and stacking fees, total fee can not be bigger than 21%.

◻️ setFeeReceivers
Can be used to set autoliq, marketing, buyback, staking and dev tax receivers.

◻️ setSwapBackSettings
Can be used to enable/disable swapback and set a threshold, there is no limit here so a very big value could cause tokens getting stucked in the contract.

◻️ setTargetLiquidity
Can be used to set settings that manage the dynamic liquidity fee. Depending on how strong is the token liquidity once the contract performs a swapback some tokens will be kept in the contract in order to add more liquidity to the token once the rest are swapped.


◻️ Owner is Obito, he has several previous projects and is a trusted dev on BSC.


◻️ Liquidity is locked long time and is strong enough taking into account holders analysis.

◻️ Tokens are distributed homogeneously between the holders if we dont take into account a couple of whales.

◻️ Most of owner functions (the most dangerous) are limited enough to avoid trading getting blocked by wrong or malicious configuration.

◻️ Owner is very trustable because of all the projects backing him.

Disclaimer: This is not investment advice, only invest what you can afford to lose and always DYOR.